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What’s going ‘on’:

Regulatory burden grows larger: The economic toll of federal regulations has risen with each administration over the past two decades, currently averaging 44 “major regulations” (those that cost the economy upwards of $100 million) each year, according to a new report.

States taking charge in banking regulation battle: State regulators are starting to take more onus for keeping banks’ mortgage and lending operations in check, no longer standing by and waiting for federal authorities to lay down the hammer.

Romney widens lead among small business voters: More than 60 percent of small business owners plan to vote for Mitt Romney in November, more than double the 26 percent who say they will vote for President Obama, according to a new poll from Manta.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Small business bankruptcies falling steadily: New data released by Equifax shows the number of small businesses filing for bankruptcy declined for the fourth straigh quarter this summer, leaving it at its lowest mark for this time of year since 2007.

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