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What’s going ‘on’:

Immigrants punching above their weight in small business ownership: A new study by the Fiscal Policy Institute shows that there are 900,000 immigrant small business owners in the United States; that represents about 18 percent of the total, much higher than the immigrant share of the overall population, 13 percent.

Researchers anticipate surge in health-care jobs:The number of health-care jobs nationwide is expected to increase 25 percent by 2010, according to new research released by Georgetown University. The Washington region is likely to see a particularly large surge, led by a 36 percent boom in Virginia.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Supreme Court readying to rule on more business cases: With the landmark health-care ruling now in the rear-view mirror, the Supreme Court has teed up several other important business cases, including an anticompetitive claim against Comcast Corp. and another that could block large hospitals from merging together.

Winners and losers in the health-care ruling: Catherine Ho explains why lawyers, lobbyists and contracted exchange developers come out ahead thanks to the survival of Obamacare, while insurance companie and small nursing homes got the short end of the stick.

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