What’s going on:

Global economic growth forecast trimmed: The World Bank has pulled back on its expectations of global economic growth for the coming year, forecasting continued turmoil in Europe and the U.S.

IPOs killing innovation: New analysis of patent data suggests that post-public offering businesses are responsible for far less valuable innovations than companies that remain private.

Workers dipping into retirement savings: More Americans are tapping their retirement savings accounts before they retire, undermining a system meant to help them live more comfortably later in life.

Keep an eye on:

Investors wary of SEC marketing rules: Congress has authorized companies to mass-market their private offerings, but regulators are still working on the best way to protect investors from scams.

Case predicts new start-up hubs:Las Vegas, Omaha and Des Moines are on the verge of developing new, robust start-up ecosystems in 2013, according to Startup America Chairman Steve Case.

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