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What’s going ‘on’:

Mexico’s middle class a boon for American firms: An expanding middle class in Mexico has helped the country challenge China for the second spot among the United States’ trade partners (behind Canada) and is providing new opportunities for American businesses in desperate need to new sources of reveneue.

Consumer borrowing dips $3 billion: American consumers drew back on their credit card use in July, sending total consumer borrowing down $3.3 billion from the previous month despite slight increases in car and student loans, according to the Federal Reserve.

Obama outraises Romney: For the first time in three months, President Obama accrued more campaign money than Mitt Romney, barely besting his Republican challenger $114 million to $112 million, according to figures published by their respective parties.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Congress working on continuing resolution: The fiscal year concludes at the end of the month, and with currently no budget, Congress is busy working on a continuing resolution to allow lawmakers to handle the spending dilemna after the elections.

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