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What’s going ‘on’:

Companies with fewer than 50 employees added nearly as many jobs as their larger counterparts last month, according to new data from ADP. (Tim Boyle/BLOOMBERG)

Company payrolls increased in March: American businesses expanded payrolls by roughly 209,000 in March, showing the labor market is strengthening, according to data released Wednesday by ADP Employer Services. The median estimate in the Bloomberg News survey called for a 206,000 increase. The nation’s smallest companies increased payrolls by 100,000, nearly matching the 109,000 added by firms with at least 50 employees.

German firm planning to rip off Square: German incubator Rocket Internet, which have already created European carbon copies of American tech successes like Airbnb and Pinterest, is now building a version of the increasingly popular mobile payment system, Square, according to a report from TechCrunch. The European version is said to be called Zenpay.

PayPal targets small businesses: The company on Wednesday announced that it has consolidated its payments system and upgraded the way small businesses accept payments online, offline and on mobile devices. The new three-tiered system is called PayPal Payments

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Romney, Ryan spark talk of a ticket: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has spent the past five days at Mitt Romney’s side, leaving many to believe the duo are test driving a possible national ticket combination. The campaign’s chief strategist has thus far waved off any ticket talk but said the Republican heavyweights get along well behind the scenes and noted their “chemistry” on the stump.

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