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What’s going ‘on’:

The White House on Wednesday threatened to veto a tax cut proposal awaiting vote in the House. (JASON REED/REUTERS)

Business advocates pushing back against regulators: Business groups that denounce various rules as wasteful and misguided have found a powerful legal tactic to oppose regulators and potentially blunt their work. Their argument, which is proving successful of late, is that rulemakers have done too little to analyze the costs and benefits of the rules, creating an unwarranted drag on the economy and giving courts grounds to intervene.

Gas consumption plummets: Drivers have cut their consumption of gasoline to its lowest levels in a decade, driving less and buying cars that are more fuel-efficient in the wake of sky-high rates at the pump. The adjustment has slowed the climb in gasoline prices, which until last week had risen for 10 consecutive weeks.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Debate heating up over CISPA: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act has been dubbed SOPA 2.0 by a number of tech blogs, but in actuality, CISPA is “a different devil altogether,” according to a new story from Slate. Basically, the bill is not meant to protect copyright-holders’ profits like SOPA, but rather to protect Web sites and the government from hackers.

Inflation weighing on small firms: Small businesses are grappling with a rise in important commodities like eggs, cotton and gasoline, and with customers demanding to pay less, not more, business owners are finding it especially tough to raise their own prices to meet the rising price of their materials. The combination is putting a major squeeze their profit margins in recent months, according to a new AP report.

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