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What’s going ‘on’:

The increase in acres planted in 2012 will roughly equal the size of New Jersey. (Daniel Acker/BLOOMBERG)

Republicans surrender in paroll tax fight: House Republican leaders said Monday that they will support extending the federal payroll tax holiday through the end of the year without demanding spending cuts to pay for it, a concession aimed at averting another po­litically damaging showdown in Washington. They could offer a pared-down measure to extend the cuts later this week.

Farmers sowing more seeds this year: United States farmers will plant the most acres in a generation this year, led by the biggest corn crop since World War II, taking advantage of the highest agricultural prices in at least four decades. They will sow corn, soybeans and wheat on 226.9 million acres, the most since 1984, a Bloomberg survey of 36 farmers, bankers and analysts showed.

Santorum catches Romney: Rick Santorum has tied Mitt Romney in national support among Republicans, according to both a new Pew Research Center survey and a new Gallup poll. The former Pennsylvania senator one month ago trailed the former Massachusetts governor by double digits and seemed to be fading from the race.

Obama seeks to double tax on banks: President Obama’s budget plan calls for a bank tax twice as big as the one he proposed last year. The “Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee” first appeared in 2011 and was eventually cut from $90 billion to $30 billion in projected revenue, but his year, the budget calls for the bank tax to increase to $61 billion .

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Empire State Building soon going public: A realty trust controlling the Empire State Building and 11 other properties in New York and Connecticut will attempt a $1 billion public offering in the coming months. Empire State Realty Trust will list on the New York Stock Exchange and trade under the “ESB” ticker, according to its Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

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