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What’s going ‘on’:

The popularity of the iPad was largely responsible for Apple’s market-leading PC sales in 2011. (Chris Ratcliffe/BLOOMBERG)

Foreclosure deal deadline arrives: States that balked at bank liability releases in a proposed $25 billion nationwide settlement over foreclosure practices must decide by today whether its mortgage relief and reforms are worth the legal claims they’ll give up.

Profitero wins IBM’s top entrepreneur honor: IBM this weekend named Profitero its global entrepreneur of the year and winner of the SmartCamp start-up competition. Profitero analyzes competitor pricing data for retailers to help them determine effective pricing.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Government contractors slashing costs to save profits: Recent earnings reports show that many government contractors have been able to maintain their profits through cost-cutting despite declining or flattening sales, but analysts are questioning how long companies can keep that up.

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