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What’s going ‘on’:

The Kindle Fire would reportedly be among the centerpeices of Amazon’s first brick-and-morter store.

Landmark foreclosure settlement looms: After more than a year of negotiations and changing deadlines, state and federal officials appear poised to finalize a multibillion-dollar settlement with the nation’s largest banks over the shoddy foreclosure practices that became commonplace during the housing crisis. The size of the deal could hinge on the participation of two key states, California and New York, whose attorneys general are skeptical of the settlement terms.

Gingrich eases attacks, Romney avoids questions: Newt Gingrich brough a much tamer attitude to Colorado on Monday, pulling most of his punches against Mitt Romney and arguing he is best suited to bring big policy changes to Washington. Meanwhile, Romney has stopped taking questions from the public at his campaign events as he aims to avoids potential gaffs and assumes the role of likely GOP nominee.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

DC start-up guru building an investment fund: West Virginia native Charlie Kiser, who has worn many a hat for several technology start-ups based in and around the nation’s capital, is currently building a consulting and investment venture to help those same companies secure early-stage funding. He hopes to encourage a broad group of both new and experienced investors to boost the area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Aerospace industry getting squeezed by export rules: The Aerospace Industries Association will reportedly release details of a report on Tuesday that suggests the United States’ export controls on commercial satellites may have cost up to 27,000 American jobs and $21 billion in lost sales for aerospace companies since the late 1990s.

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