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What’s going ‘on’:

Search engine exposes widesrpead security holes: A new search engine called Shodan has exposed an untold number of security flaws on industrial control computers, which automate important processes like those at water plants and power grids, across the country. The program’s creater says many of those systems are wide open to exploitation by even moderately talented hackers.

Euro drops near two-year low: The euro fell near a two-year low against the dollar to open the week amid escalating concerns over the health of the region’s economy and a surprisingly weak jobs report from the United States. Further east, Chinese manufacturing has also slipped, further suggesting that global economic growth is slowing.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Non-profit contractors taking heat for executive pay: Federally funded research nonprofits are hearing increased complaints that they don’t abide by the same rules and regulations as for-profit contractors. In particular, one government oversight group is targeting their executives’ compensation levels, which often push into the millions annually.

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