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What’s going ‘on’:

Obama says private sector “doing fine”: President Obama on Friday blamed lawmakers and the Eurozone crises for stifling the economic recovery, adding that “the private sector is doing fine.” Republican leaders quickly pounced on his remarks, suggesting Obama is content with the sluggish pace of the recovery.

Small lenders subjected to complex new banking rules: The Federal Reserve on Thursday approved a proposal forcing all U.S. lenders to comply with a new set of international bank-capital mandates, reportedly surprising many bankers and analysts who had expected the new standards to apply only to large corporate banks.

Dell unveils $100M entre­pre­neur­ship program: The technology juggernaut on Thursday announced a $100 million program designed to provide start-ups with the technology resources and capital they need to maximize innovation and job creation. Qualified angel and venture-backed companies can access up to $150,000 through the initiative.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Unemployment claims slip slightly:The number of Americans who applied for unemployment insurance payments dipped from a revised 389,000 last week to 377,000 in the latest report released Thursday by the Labor Department. The number of people receiving extended payments also plunged.

Bernanke mum on economic intervention plans:Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke expressed concerns about the latest bleak jobs report during an appearance before Congress on Thursday, but he gave no indication of whether the central bank plans to take new action to spur hiring and boost the economic recovery.

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