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What’s going ‘on’:

Fed: Banks easing loan terms: United States banks enjoyed increased loan demand during the first three months of the year and made those loans easier to obtain, according to a new Federal Reserve survey. The central bank added that banks were likely to continue easing terms on business loans to firms of all sizes amid increased competition from other banks and non-bank lenders.

Small businesses report fewer problems obtaining credit: Small business owners are having an easier time getting credit, according to the latest Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index. The portion of business owners reporting difficult credit conditions fell from 33 percent in March to 30 percent in February, thanks to many of them paying down debt they have accrued during the economic downturn.

Romney stumps for small business vote: Mitt Romney attacked President Obama’s record on job creation in New Hampshire on Monday and suggested the current administration has made life increasingly difficult for small business owners. “If I become president of the United States, I am going to be a pro small business president and fight for the rights of small business people.”

Start-ups prefer venture capital to crowdfunding: Chief executives of emerging companies still prefer traditional venture capital funding to newer financing alternatives like crowdfunding, according to a new survey released by national law firm Dorsey & Whitney. More specifically, Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital are among the most sought after firms, according to the report.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Professional, science and technical services firms recovering: Revenues at most small businesses are gradually recovering from the recession, but businesses in the construction and real estate sectors continue to lag behind, according to new data from Intuit. On the other hand, companies that provide professional, science and technical services are performing the best right now.

Entrepreneurial studies catching hold at black colleges: Driven by an economic downturn that continues to hit minorities the hardest, historically black colleges and universities are turning to entrepreneurship programs to help their students create their own job opportunities. Our report takes a look at new initiatives at Howard University, Bowie State University and Bennett College.

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