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What’s going ‘on’:

HSBC lawmakers introduce small business trade bills: House Republicans Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and Scott Tipton (R-Co.) on Monday introduced a pair of bills intended to help small firms break into the international trade marketplace. The Export Coordination Act of 2012 would require state and federal agencies to work more closely together to improve the export process for small companies, while the Transparent Rules Allow Direct Exporting (TRADE) for Small Businesses and Jobs Act would create a one-stop source to monitor changes in foreign regulations and trade barriers.

Romney continues attacking Obama’s small business record: Mitt Romney called President Obama’s administration “the most anti-business” since Jimmy Carter’s during a speech last week in Washington. Recently, he has repeatedly blasted the president for his support of increased taxes on the nation’s highest earners, arguing that such a tax would cripple small business growth efforts.

Groupon stock plummeting: The biggest online coupon company has lost half its value since its initial public offering six months ago as investors increasingly question the firm’s ability to translate growth into profit. Groupon stock fell 3.3 percent to $9.97, a record low, at the close on Friday in New York, and two months earlier, the company reported a “material weakness” in financial controls.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

SBA rules changes making contracting goals more feasible: The federal government routinely fails to meet its target of 23 percent of contracts awarded to small businesses, but that could soon change — not because of a new wave of innovation among small firms, but because the Small Business Administration has been changing the standards for what qualifies as a small firm.

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