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What’s going ‘on’:

The FCC joined several public and private entities to develop the new cybersecurity tool for business owners. ((Jeffrey MacMillan/The Washington Post))

Yelp annnounces initial public offering: The San Francisco-based company (best know for store/restaurant reviews online) plans to raise $100 million by going public, according statements in a SEC filing on Thursday. The company currently has $23.1 million in cash and equivalents and $32.1 million in debt.

Small business owners getting the hang of social media:More than four out of five small business owners now allocate time to social media marketing, up from 73 percent six months ago, according to the latest survey from Constant Contact. Of those, 83 percent said they could pinpoint cost savings as a direct result of their efforts.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Silicon Valley startups getting too much dough?: Sean Parker, who achieve entrepreneurial royalty through the success of Napster and Facebook, said in a recent interview that today’s young companies are “ridiculously overfunded.” Fellow Facebook alum and Accel Partners investor Jim Breyer echoed the same sentiment, adding that the current investment strategies in the valley will “end very badly.”

One entre­pre­neur­ship celebration makes way for another: Here in the nation’s capital, Entrepreneurship Week , a symposium organized by several entrepreneurs and coroporate firms in the district, wraps up on Friday with closing remarks from former AOL executive Ted Leonis — just in time for the opening events at the Kauffman Foundation-sponsored Washington D.C. Startup Weekend, which takes place Friday evening through Sunday night.

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