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What’s going on:

Republicans submit their counterproposal: House Republicans on Monday presented President Obama with their plan to avert the looming fiscal cliff, which would raise $800 billion in new tax revenue and $600 billion in cuts to federal health programs

Low-wage firms on edge over health reform: Small businesses that rely on low-wage workers are particularly concerned about new rules that require them to provide coverage for their employees, not all of whom make enough to cover their share of insurance premiums.

Small firms make way for Trump: Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka are turning Washington’s Old Post Office Pavilion into a luxury hotel, which means ousting a number of small shops and food vendors that currently inhabit the building.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Business owners warn against entitlement cuts:With the fiscal cliff looming less than a month away, some employers tell us that bitter tax disputes are overshadowing an ever greater threat to their small businesses – cuts to entitlement programs.

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