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What’s going ‘on’:

SBA increases lending to exporters:The Small Business Administration’s loans to small exporters increased for the fourth straight year, exceeding $923 million in 2012, up from approximately $918 million in 2011.

Skills gap overstated: A new study suggests a perceived shortage of highly skilled manufacturing workers is vastly overstated, potentially pushing back against calls for easier immigration paths for talented foreign-born workers.

Small banks spearhead small lending: Small and mid-sized banks are filling lending gaps left by their corporate counterparts, especially when it comes to small businesses seeking capital. InvestorPlace runs through some of the small lending leaders.

OSB celebrates first birthday: On Small Business has made its first trip around the sun, and we want to say thank you to every entrepreneur, business owner, business leader and policy maker who helped us this past year — and of course, the biggest of thanks to all our readers!

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Georgia tops in pro-business reform: The World Bank has announced that former Soviet state of Georgia is currently leading the world in making business friendly changes, followed by Rwanda, Colombia, China and Poland.

Helpful advice ‘on’:

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