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What’s going ‘on’:

Small businesses finding capital again: After a prolonger credit freeze, several economic indicators suggest capital is finally becoming easier to find for small firms, according to Entrepreneur.

Unemployment numbers plummet: The number of unemployment applications dropped last week to 339,000, the lowest level in four and half years, according to the latest report from the Labor Department.

Obama gaining among small business voters: A new poll shows Mitt Romney’s lead among small business owners dropped from 35 points to 12 points in September as Obama gained ground critical swing states.

Start-up gathers student grumbles: A new web-based platform called Campus Grumble has launched to allow college students to more effectively voice their concerns to university faculty and administrators.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Romney’s small business tax claims: During the first debate, Mitt Romney made a number of claims about the connections between the top tax rates and small businesses — but The New York Times reports that not all of them were entirely accurate.

Helpful advice ‘on’:

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