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What’s going ‘on’:

Franchising group beckons veterans with new tools:The International Franchise Association has launched a slate of new tools to help returning military members break into franchising after leaving the armed forces. Currently, more than 70,000 veterans own franchise businesses, a number the group hopes to double by 2014.

Unemployment claims decline:The number of applications for jobless benefits dropped from from 392,000 to 386,000 this past week, according to weekly data from the Labor Department. But that’s nothing to get excited about, economists say, as hiring has remained sluggish since the start of the year.

Small businesses sound off on health care ruling: The Supreme Court on Thursday approved the vast majority of the health-care reform law, ruling that the individual mandate is permissible under lawmakers’ taxing authority. Some small business owners have celebrated the decision, while others have called it a ‘sad day’ for Americans.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

House Republicans, NFIB vow to repeal:House Speaker John Boehner pledged to hold a repeal vote on July 11 shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the health-care law. The National Federation of Independent Business also said in a media call that it would continue to work to repeal the measure.

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