What’s going ‘on’:

Small business health insurance costs rising: Employer-sponsored health insurance costs have increased 4 percent over the past year, however, premiums for small employers have grown at double that rate over the same period, accordin to a new study.

Winklevoss twins invest in investors’ network: Facebook’s famous Winklevoss twins are back with a $1 million investment in SumZero, in a new venture that serves as an online network for investors. The company was founded by one of their allies in the Facebook legal battle.

Congress faces short week: The House and Senate will convene for a only a few days this week before recessing until after the elections in November. When they leave, lawmakers are expected to leave a mess of important, unfinished business on the table.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Candidates turn attention back to the economy: President Obama and Mitt Romney are scheduled to deliver a series of speeches this week laying out the specifics of their respective economic proposals. Obama has been closing the gap on his opponent with regards to who voters believe can more effectively address the deficit.

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