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What’s going on:

Small business revenue falls: Small business sales dipped 0.3 percent last month, according to the latest report from Intuit, marking the eighth consecutive month of decline.

D.C. region home to fast-growing firms:The Washington suburbs are home to eight of the 100 fastest growing smallest businesses, according to new rankings published by Inc.

Obama shoots down Republican proposal: The president remained hopeful the two parties can come together on a “fiscal cliff” deal but said his opponents’ latest offer was still “out of balance.”

Hiring decisions not always about best candidate: Business owners don’t always select the top job candidate, new research shows, often opting instead for individuals with whom they expect to be friends.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Immigration reform slow despite agreements: Most lawmakers agree that the U.S. must attract more high-skilled foreigners, but disputes over broader reform are blocking targeted measures.

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