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What’s going ‘on’:

Supreme Court decision a win for drug makers: The Supreme Court ruled Monday that drug company representatives should be considered “salesmen,” a distinction that could save the pharmaceuticals industry billions of dollars by protecting employers from paying overtime. There are roughly 900,000 such workers in the country.

Mobile, online marketing catching on: Nearly 60 percent of small businesses plan to spend more this year on online marketing than they did in 2011, according to a new survey released by AT&T. Specifically, owners are shifting quickly toward mobile and location-based marketing, evidence of the power and prevalence of smartphones.

Senate approves farm spending bill:The Senate has approved a measure that likely guarantees passage of a farm bill that would cost $969 billion over the next decade and includes $23.6 billion in proposed cuts. The bill is likely to be one of the only significant spending bills passed by Congress before the elections.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Federal Reserve meeting concludes today: The Federal Reserve wraps up its two-day meeting on Wednesday, and many analysts think the persistent struggles of the American economy and the worsening situation in Europe will compel the central bank to say or unveil something to try to boost confidence.

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