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What’s going ‘on’:

Supreme Court upholds health-care law: The Supreme Court has upheld the vast majority of President Obama’s signature health-care law, ruling that the individual mandate component is permissable under lawmakers’ taxing authority. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. provided the decisive vote, siding with the majority to rule in favor of the law.

Small business owners unclear on the health-care law: Two-thirds of small business owners and chief executives aren’t sure whether their firms qualify for health care tax credits because they don’t know the details of the president’s law, according to a new poll released by The Wall Street Journal.

Google joins tablet wars: Google released its first tablet called the Nexus 7 on Wednesday in San Francisco. Built in collaboration with Asus, the $199, 7-inch tablet will begin shipping in mid-July, arrives packaged with Google Chrome as the default browser and will be optimized for Google Play.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Arizona business owners fearful of ruling backlash: A number of small business owners in Arizona are reportedly concerned that the Supreme Court’s mixed ruling on their state’s immigration law could drive away tourists, which they fear would take away potential customers and drag down their revenues.

Franchise owners keeping their day jobs: A growing number of franchisees are seeking arrangements that allow them to keep their day jobs while running their businesses, according to industry experts. Many are attempting to simply generate a second income stream, while others are hedging their bets in light of so many job cuts.

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