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What’s going ‘on’:

Obama asks for help identifying onerous regulations: The White House is asking businesses of all sizes to help government officials determine which federal regualtions are causing the most problems. Business owners can visit a new “Advise the Advisor” page to provide feedback and suggestions concerning specific regulations.

Unemployment claims surge: The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits increased from seasonally adjusted 352,000 to 386,000, according to the latest figures from the Labor Department. The gain followed a substantial drop of 24,000 the previous week and marks the biggest jump since April 2011.

Georgia tops in women’s entre­pre­neur­ship growth: Georgia has nearly doubled its number of women-owned businesses in the past decade and a half, leading in female entre­pre­neur­ship growth nationwide, according to data from American Express OPEN. Overall, women-owned firms increased 50 percent over that period.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Maintaining top tax rates would cost $80 billion:Republicans’ plan to extend tax cuts for the wealthy would cost about $80 billion more than Democrats’ proposal to extend them only for families making annually less than $250,000, according to official estimates published Thursday. Reducing the estate and gift tax would eat up another $31 billion.

Groupon testing small business card services: The daily deals juggernaut plans to experiment with a new small business credit card processing tool, according to several reports. The service would ideally enable merchants to merge voucher transactions with other payments, thus reducing accounting and terminal costs.

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