Google Veterans Network on Wednesday launched an online career resource for military veterans and their spouses, in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others.

The platform, called VetNet, features panels and workshops hosted through Google+ hangouts, a virtual feature of Google’s social network allowing multiple users to video-chat with each other.

As the hangouts are exclusively online, they can be accessed no matter where the veterans are, Google Veterans Network founder Carrie Laureno said.

Military veterans and their spouses can select one of three tracks on VetNet. The first, Basic Training, offers resume writing and elevator-pitch workshops organized by Hire Heroes USA, an Alpharetta, Ga-based non-profit helping veterans find jobs. The other two tracks – Career Connections, powered by the Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring our Heroes, and the Entrepreneur Track, managed by Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, provide more advanced discussions of industries (such as retail and finance) and entrepreneurial advice.

One of the biggest challenges facing veterans today is communicating the value of skills learned from military service to civilian employment, said Brian Stann, Hire Heroes President and current middleweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. When asked why they don’t hire more veterans, many businesses say, “‘Well, we didn’t understand what their value was via their resume or interview,’” Stann said.

Many of the basic training sessions on VetNet are designed to address this translation problem, he said.

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