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Unfortunately, that ramped-up activity is taking a toll on small business owners’ health.

“Almost half of respondents (44 percent) say this year’s business climate has taken a toll on their personal health — one in three say they work out less, 22 percent say they’ve gained weight and 14 percent say they are more short-tempered and argue with family and co-workers,” the survey found.

It could be because they work so much. Two-thirds of respondents said they averaged more than 40 hours per week, while 1 in 10 said their average week was 70 hours or more. When asked about their New Year’s resolutions, only four percent said they’re resolving to work less.

Surprisingly, small business owners are somehow able to squeeze in date night between long nights at the office: 45 percent say their business has had a positive impact on their personal lives.

The states that had the biggest gains in small business activity, as defined by new business licenses and new office openings, were Wyoming, at 484 percent, Colorado at 418 percent and Arizona at 271 percent. Alaska, Utah and Oregon had the steepest declines.

Manta polled 1,026 small business owners who are members of The margin of error is +/- 2.98 percentage points.

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