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What’s going ‘on’:

No progress on sequester: As the threat of across-the-board federal budget cuts looms for Friday, policymakers discussed the “sequester” at the White House on Monday without reaching an agreement on how to avoid them. Both the House of Representatives and Senate are expected to vote on legislation this week to stop the sequester.

Entrepreneurs plan ‘virtual march’ for immigration reform: A coordinated group of business leaders and investors nationwide are planning a virtual campaign to educate Internet and social media users about the benefits of attracting high-skilled immigrants.

Small business owners skeptical of Twitter: Six out of 10 small business owners believe social media an effective tool for small businesses, according to a new poll, but only 3 percent selected Twitter as the most important site for building visibility.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

West Coast inmates pitch start-up ideas: Inmates at the San Quentin State Prison, which houses California’s only death row, developed and presented business proposals as part of Last Mile, an organization dedicated to fostering entre­pre­neur­ship among prisoners.

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