Stealth startup Updrip proved that music videos can be an effective means of connecting with potential investors. (Updrip/YouTube)

Now there’s a brand new mechanism gaining traction among entrepreneurs and investors: Rap videos.

No seriously, dats wuzup.

Several early-stage companies and investment firms have recently released original (and often hilarious) hip-hop videos in hopes they’ll catch the attention of the opposite party. Earlier this month, for instance, TechCrunch unearthed the following video of Mick Hagen and his team at stealth startup Undrip spitting rhymes about their search for angel investors. Listen closely for the line about “being on the grind like mortar and pestle.”

Entertaining? Definitely. But effective?

Turns out, it was that, too.

Here’s the new response video from the folks at Ludlow Ventures in Detroit, who expressed interest in backing Updrip in a musical number of their own. Co-founder Jonathan Triest raps in the video below, which uses the same beat as the Undrip video and includes lines like, “Droppin’ that cold hard currency on companies, they ‘bout to start calling us green gravity.”

Updrip certainly wasn’t the first young company to invest in a rap video. Take for example the following video released this summer by San Francisco-based Jawbone, which featured one of its signature Bluetooth products along with some snarky lyrics and a catchy beat.

Now while we were impressed by each of these videos, none of them hold a candle to the masterpiece released earlier this year by four venture capitalists at Foundry Group in Boulder, Colo. Their song pokes fun at nearly every aspect of the venture capital world, including PowerPoint presentations, sushi lunches and bathroom pitches.

And of course, the music video wouldn’t have been complete without those hideous suits. Enjoy.

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