Everyone, say hello to Winslow Sargeant.

The Small Business Administration announced on Monday that Sargeant has been confirmed as chief counsel for the agency’s Office of Advocacy, which speaks on behalf of small businesses and entrepreneurs to the federal government. He becomes the sixth presidentially appointed and Senate-approved nominee to fill the position.

Winslow Seargeant becomes the sixth presidentially appointed and Senate-approved chief counsel for the SBA advocacy office. (Robert Kleinsteuber)

“It is inspiring to witness this country’s entrepreneurial spirit and it is an honor to represent small businesses every day,” Sargeant said in a statement following the vote.

President Obama appointed Sargeant head of the advocacy office last August but had yet to receive confirmation in the Senate. In the meantime, Sargeant worked under a recess appointment for the past year, during which time the office hosted more than 40 small business roundtables and drafted 56 public comment letters with federal agencies to protect the nation’s smallest employers from proposed legislation.

So who exactly is the newly confirmed pointman for the advocacy office?

Most recently, Sargeant was managing director of Venture Investors in Madison, Wis., which provides seed and early-stage funding to health-care and technology companies. Before that, he served as program manager in electronics for the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research program and held an adjunct teaching position at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sargeant also co-founded Aanetcom, a computer-circuit design company that was purchased by publicly traded PMC-Sierra in 2000.

“My background gives me the unique perspective to understand the challenges that our entrepreneurs face day in and day out,” he said. “As chief counsel I am dedicated to working on their behalf and fighting for their interests in Washington.”

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