On Small Business routinely reaches out to a panel of entrepreneurs for answers to some of the most pressing questions facing small business owners. The following responses are provided by members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).

Q: How do you choose the perfect logo for your company?


Josh Weiss, president of Bluegala in Woodbury, New York:

“We had the idea to use a simple logo with just our name in it and had several of our in-house employees put together various fonts/colors until we found a combination we liked. The color choice was easy since we knew blue would be the main color with blue in our name.”

Kenny Nguyen, CEO and founder of Big Fish Presentations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

“We wanted something simplistic yet bold when designing our logo. What was crucial is that we wanted something subtle in the logo to explain what we did visually. We eventually settled with the hook on the “S” of Fish in our name. Because we help clients “hook” their audience.

We did our logo in house because we felt our design team knew our brand better than anyone else. Our thought process was, how do we create a logo that is bold like the people of our company yet calming due to the nature that we help people with one of the scariest things one can possibly do — public speaking?

We eventually settled on blue as it symbolizes an ocean; calm and tranquil, but dynamic and powerful when it needs to be.”

Darrah Brustein, founder and author of Finance Whiz Kids in Atlanta, Georgia:

“To create logos for each of my businesses, I’ve always hired it out to someone who has a better understanding of color theory, the importance of shapes, design, and fonts. As an example, for a kids’ books series I authored on money, it was essential to make the logo fun and vibrant to offset the potential assumptions that it might be boring.

I hired my illustrator who is a graphic designer, as well, since he intimately knew the brand. He was able to bring bright colors and a sense of fun and imagination to a logo that appeals to kids and adults.”

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