A review of some of the biggest small business and start-up stories from the past week, with a focus on Washington.

Government shutdown leaves loans in limbo: When the federal government came to a halt last week, so did the Small Business Administration’s small-business lending programs.

President Barack Obama spoke last week at M. Luis Construction, a small construction company in Rockville, Md. (DENNIS BRACK / POOL/EPA)

Obama warns small firms will lose business: President Obama noted last week that the shutdown threatens to cripple small firms that rely on business from federal worker and government contracts.

Some tourism firms feel shutdown’s pain: On a related note, national parks around the country have been forced to close, putting a strain on nearby shops and tourist attractions that depend business from visitors.

Small businesses provide much-needed economic jolt: Small employers added 74,000 jobs in September, more than both large and midsized firms, according to the ADP National Employment Report.

A quiet winter ahead: Nearly three-fourths of small and mid-sized employers say they do not plan to hire new workers or apply for new loans in the coming months, a new poll from PNC shows.

Health insurance exchanges open across the country: New health insurance exchanges, one of the central parts of the health care overhaul, opened last week across the country — here’s what you should know.

Obamacare’s most common employer myths, debunked: More than three years in the making, the new insurance exchanges are still the source of much confusion for small business owners.

Big businesses winning with small-business competitions: A number of large firms have recently launched competitions for small businesses in what is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool.

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