A look back at some of the biggest small business stories from the week, with a focus on Washington.

Sequester countdown enters final week

A round of automatic spending cuts expected to total $1.2 trillion is scheduled to commence on Friday, which could cause the worst financial woes for small firms. Over the next decade, those cuts would be enough to start roughly 40 million new firms.

SBA ready to weather cuts

Outgoing Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills says the agency’s operations won’t likely be dramtically impacted by the looming sequester, noting that she has already cut back on staff.

Small businesses ready for possible wage hike

A number of business owners in various sectors are concerned about the impact of any increase in the minimum wage, including one franchise owner who is delaying expansion plans.

Federal Reserve staying the course

The central bank appears content to continue injecting billions of dollars into the economy, according to minutes from its later meeting, easing fears that stimulus efforts may come to an end anytime soon.

Gas prices soaring near record highs

Prices at the pump across the country are approaching record highs, up on average 15 percent since December, and that can pose problems for small businesses on a variety of levels.

Small business owners report slightly better outlook

Small business owners were slightly more optimistic about the economic climate last month than in December, according to the latest survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Resellers exploiting online deals

The online “resell” marketplace is taking advantage of the growth of daily deals sites as buyers purchase low-cost American goods and immediately put them up for sale in foreign countries.

OSB entrepreneurs of the week: Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine: The filmmakers won an Academy Award on Sunday night for their short documentary Inocente, making it the first Oscar-winning film ever financed by crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

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