WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 24: Tamesha Sumpter, w Suntrust, (L to R) Imani Greene, VP with Paid Media, Nate Breeding, w the Romney Campaign and Neil Grace, sr Communication advisory, FCC, at Entreprelooza at the Brixton, 901 U St. NW, Washington, DC, October 24, 2012. The event was part of DC Entrepreneurship Week. (Evy Mages/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

For many, it was only the first or second time they had delivered their spiel to those with the capital they need to get off the ground, and after each session, the investor panels provided feedback on the presentations.

On Small Business was invited to sit in on two of the five pitch sessions during the week. Meet a few of the entrepreneurs who took the floor:

Name: Craig Mathews.

Title: Chief executive.

Company: TribeSpring.

Base: Raleigh, N.C.

Business: Providing iPhone and Android apps for salespeople designed to help them maximize referrals. Users can quickly exchange contact information, keep track of their sales networks and give and receive referrals automatically from the platform, which has free and premium versions.

Amount sought: $250,000.

To invest in: Marketing and paying back friends and family who supported the venture.

Name: Eric Calhoun.

Title: Co-founder.

Company: HomeWellness.

Base: Raleigh, N.C.

Business: Helping homeowners find environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient home renovation resources though an online platform. Users can conduct self-audits and will subsequently receive customized recommendations and links to public incentives programs based on their budgets.

Amount sought: $550,000.

To invest in: Beta testing, business development and customer growth.

Name: Matthew Eierman.

Title: Chief executive and founder.

Company: HDScores.

Based: Baltimore.

Business: Compiling restaurant health inspection scores from across the U.S. and Canada into searchable data for consumers and government entities. The company will provide both raw government data and a weighted, uniform measure of health code compliance history.

Amount sought: $1.5 million

To invest in: Hiring sales personnel, building out their database and expanding their services.

Name: Bart Levy.

Title: Founding partner.

Company: NimblePitch.

Based: Richmond.

Business: Providing software designed to help salespeople deliver more-engaging presentations using iPads and Android tablets. Clients can also track their sales performance through the firm’s content management application.

Amount sought: $500,000.

To invest in: App development, additional sales services and marketing/trade show admittance fees.

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