* Rachel Weiner has a reader friendly guide to everything you need to know about the Ohio union fight.

* As Mitt Romney continues to take a beating from conservatives for waffling on Ohio, Rick Perry twists the knife, claiming he, at least, is willing to stand with Governor John Kasich because he’s a “true conservative.”

* Jed Lewison notes that Romney previously supported the Ohio union-busting initiative he can’t quite bring himself to back as the battle hits crunch time, and adds that his mishandling of the mess demonstrates yet again that Romney has no ideological core.

* Nice piece from Joe Conason on how Romney’s stint at Bain, and what the one percent have wrought, add up to a largely unexplored vulnerability that will ultimately be central to the campaign.

* The DNC opens up a new front on Romney: An attack designed to convert his call to let the foreclosure market “hit the bottom” into another iconic moment of indifference towards the middle class.

* Breaking: A GOP candidate calls on Rick Perry, clearly and unequivocally, to stop his birther flirtation. Jon Huntsman:

Barack Obama was born in America. Period. Let’s stop this and focus instead on how we fix the economy that he bungled.

Was that so hard?

* Steve Benen rounds up all the latest examples of Romney’s courageous willingness to speak truth to the GOP base. (Not.)

* Dave Weigel patiently explains to Republicans how easy it is to affirm that, yes, Obama was in fact born in the United States.

* A smart Aaron Blake piece on why the Obama-as-Truman analogy is imperfect but still quite instructive.

* Chart of the day, courtesy of Brian Beutler: The explosion of wealth enjoyed by that top 1 percent is really something to behold.

* National money flows into Massachusetts as the League of Conservation Voters airs new ads hitting Scott Brown’s coziness with Big Oil, another sign of national liberal investment in Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy.

* The next moves in Obama’s offensive on jobs and the economy: The use of executive authority to ease loans for over a million students, and a new initiative to get veterans back to work.

Expect a drumbeat of these — one designed to demonstrate action against the backdrop of GOP obstructionism.

* And Will Oremus asks a tough question: Could the drum circles derail all of Occupy Wall Street?