In a Facebook post, Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce — best known as the architect of the state’s immigration law — has suggested that the Colorado deaths could be partly blamed on the lack of heroism (and lack of firearms possession) of the theater-goers.

Pearce then walked back the original post, claiming that he was merely blaming gun control laws, and the theater’s no gun policy, for the deaths. “Even those with the training to handle a firearm could not stop him because they had been disarmed,” Pearce wrote. “You cannot predict where evil will raise its head, but you can be prepared for it.”

Annie-Rose Strasser responds:

While Cinemark does have a no-firearms policy, it is highly unlikely that someone would have been able to take down the alleged gunman. He was heavily armed, in full protective gear, thew tear gas before he opened fire, and was in a dark, crowded theater. Armed law enforcement officers responded within 90 seconds, and in that time he injured or killed 70 people.

On the other hand, if it weren't for those pointy-headed liberals, then movie-goers would be allowed to show up at theaters in their own body armor and gas masks, too, toting their own automatic weapons, complete with high capacity magazines! Pearce is right. If those liberals hadn’t gotten their way, and theatergoers had been allowed to attend an evening of entertainment properly prepared, armed and equipped to face evil in any form, they could have taken care of that shooter in seconds. Who says the shooting hasn’t prompted a serious policy debate?