Dem Rep. Ed Perlmutter was lying in bed early this morning after a late night of voting when the White House texted him with the news that a horrific shooting had taken place in his Colorado district.

The news was especially jarring for the Congressman, because his district is also not far from the location of the Columbine massacre.

So it’s not surprising that Perlmutter had a very intense reaction to the shooting in an interview with local KOA radio this morning, audio of which was passed my way by the station.

“I got an alert about an hour ago from the White House that this had occurred,” Perlmutter said. “We finished voting late last night, and then to have a psychotic son of a bitch do something like this — sorry for the cussing — you know, it’s boggling to my mind.”

“This is the kind of thing that you prepare for, you dread,” he continued, describing the text he received from the White House at around five in the morning.

“There are some sick and violent and psychotic people, but Colorado is not a violent place,” Perlumtter continued. “Columbine, and now this guy, whoever this person is, I just don’t know why we have a couple crazy people like that and how they have such easy access to guns.”

“Colorado is not a violent place but I’m afraid we’ve got some crazy, violent people that have sometimes shown up in our midst,” he added, his voice cracking a bit.

“This thing is a shocking incident that is going to cause everybody to stop and take a look at violence in our society,” he concluded.

One can hope.