In another sign that Dems are hoping to make Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it central to the 2012 campaign, the DCCC is getting ready to air its first TV ad of the cycle, a lighthearted spot depicting a senior moonlighting as a lemonade salesman in order to pay for medical costs:

I’m told that if the DCCC can raise $25,000 in the next 48 hours, the ad will be aired in John Boehner’s district. Last week, DCCC chair Steve Israel told me that Dems would use Ryan’s proposal to tar House Republicans in even marginal and conservative districts — on the theory that Medicare is popular with Dems, Republicans and independents alike — which will be crucial in maintaining a united Dem national front and drawing a sharp contrast between the parties.

This new spot seems intended to signal that Dems hope to use Ryan’s proposal to go on offense early and often.

UPDATE: NRCC spokesperson Joanna Burgos responds:

“The Democrats’ shameless scare tactics are merely a way to mislead voters and cover up the real Democrat plan to watch Medicare die a painful death, an unacceptable option for America’s seniors. The reality is that the Republican budget blueprint saves Medicare for future generations with no disruption for those in and near retirement, while the Democrats’ plan cuts Medicare benefits and raises taxes on job creators and every person who receives a paycheck.”