Yesterday Mitt Romney backtracked on one of his core campaign messages — that Obama made the economy “worse” — and the Democratic National Committee has rushed out a new video documenting the flip-flop with footage.

It shows Romney claiming yesterday that he never said the economy got worse, followed by footage of Romney previously making that exact claim three times:

Until yesterday, the claim that Obama made the recession “worse” was central to Romney’s campaign message. He repeated it a number of times even after it was repeatedly debunked by independent fact checkers. Reporters had refrained from pressing him to justify the claim — until yesterday, when NBC asked him about it. That’s when he backtracked.

“Mitt Romney was caught red handed by one independent fact checker after another not telling the truth about the state of the economy,” DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse says. “Rather than admitting he was wrong and apologizing he’s now trying to deny he ever said it.”

There’s no question that chronically high unemployment remains a major problem for Obama and for the rest of us. But the claim that Obama made the economy “worse” is seen by independent fact-checkers as a non-subjective statement that simply doesn’t hold up when measured by available metrics.

The question now is whether this latest turnaround will enter the Romney media narrative. There’s been relatively little media attention paid to it today. This, even though the claim that Romney backtracked from yesterday was central to his campaign message for several weeks. You’d think this would be seen as a more interesting development than Michele Bachmann botching a question of regional trivia.