Dems will file a massive amount of signatures tomorrow to trigger a recall election against a fifth Wisconsin GOP state senator, I’m told.

Graeme Zielinski, the spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, confirms to me that Democrats will submit approximately 30,000 signatures for the recall of Alberta Darling — nearly 150 percent of the 20,343 required.

This is the fifth time Dems have collected far more signatures than necessary for a recall — all but ensuring that all five recall elections will actually happen.

This comes as there are signs that Republicans may be able to trigger two recall elections against Dems, though in one case Republicans have apparently only collected a couple of thousand more signatures than required, which isn’t much of a cushion. Republicans have less than a week until their deadline, and they still haven’t filed anything, though that appears ready to change tomorrow.

Either way, Dems need to net three recall elections in order to recapture the state senate, so the more elections they can force, the more this possibility is in play. The situation is very fluid right now, but as Chris Bowers games out, control of the state senate is now a toss up.

UPDATE: Darling is considered less vulnerable in a recall election than several other GOPers, because Scott Walker got 54 percent of the vote in her district last year, but it’s also worth pointing out that Obama won her district in 2008 with 51 percent.