A lot of Dems — and even neutral reporter types — are raising questions on Twitter about Mitt Romney’s decision to stage his big economic speech at Ford Field, given that it didn’t exactly fill the stadium.

Here's a shot that captures the scene pretty well (Romney is in the far right of the picture, at the podium):

What’s striking about this is that the Romney campaign frequently boasts about its success at process.

As you’ll recall, when the Romney campaign released that ad yanking Obama’s words out of context, it made more than one adviser available to boast about all the media attention the ad’s dishonesty secured. What’s more, as Jed Lewison notes, a Romney campaign adviser bragged in a new Politico story about its successful use of oppo research to tear down Rick Santorum. This comes after Romney advisers boasted to the New York Times about how clever they were in going about destroying Newt Gingrich. And so on.

Judging by the early returns on Twitter from reporters and operatives alike, today’s process story won’t be quite as flattering.

UPDATE: Jed Lewison has a roundup of all the critical reaction to the Ford Field choice on Twitter from neutral reporters and even one conservative.

UPDATE II: ABC News has a more direct shot of the stage, so you can see the crowd in front of him, which ABC estimated at about 1,200.