As you know, Mitt Romney regularly attacks Obama for apologizing for America abroad.

As you also know, Mitt Romney regularly claims that Obama’s push for higher taxes on the rich amounts to demonizing “success.”

Now, via Ed Kilgore, it seems Romney has hit on a way to tie these two messages together into one pithy formulation. Buzzfeed reports on a Romney speech to Tea Party supporters in Philadelphia:

“If I’m so fortunate to become president, I will not apologize for America’s success at home, and I would certainly not apologize for America’s success abroad,” Romney said to cheers from the crowd of several hundred members of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association.

So America is succeeding at home? That doesn’t seem all that on message for Romney, does it?

Or perhaps when Romney said he won’t “apologize for America’s success at home,” he didn’t mean America is succeeding overall. Rather, he meant he wouldn’t apologize for the success of the wealthy, i.e., the class that would see higher taxes under Obama’s policies. But the inescapable logical extension of that interpretation is that Romney means that America is succeeding ... as long as the rich are doing well.

Which doesn’t seem like such a great message for Romney, either.

Update: In case it wasn’t clear, this was meant as a bit of a joke...