* Chart of the day: Jamelle Bouie nicely captures the surreal reality that the core claims that form the entire foundation of Mitt Romney’s candidacy are completely false or unsubstantiated.

* Glenn Greenwald on the dispiriting significance of that big Times piece on Obama and his “kill list,” what it says about Obama’s character, and the lack of real differences between the parties on national security.

* What Wisconsin Dems are up against: Scott Walker has raised $5 million for the recall fight in the last month alone. Total raised since this national right wing union-busting rock star took office: More than $30 million.

* Ed Kilgore has a very interesting suggestion for how Dems might respond to Romney’s new strategy of barnstorming the country ridiculing individual projects funded by the stimulus:

It’s beginning to become apparent that Team Mitt will throw vast amounts of chum into the water to avoid the fundamental reality that its candidate’s own Economic Plan is basically deregulation plus the Ryan Budget. Perhaps if Romney is going to traipse around the country mocking individual federally-funded projects, someone should follow him around pointing out what the Ryan Budget would do to the same locales. It would not look pretty.

* Zack Roth wonders if reporters covering Romney’s remarks about how the stimulus failed miserably will avail themselves of the multiple careful studies that have found the opposite.

* No end to it: Post fact checker Josh Hicks has the lowdown on yet another unsubstantiated Romney claim, this one about a union boss’s alleged desire to shake down schoolchildren for union dues.

* If you don’t hold them responsible for job losses during the start of their terms, how does Obama’s jobs record compare to Romney’s? Mike Tomasky does the math:

Obama has created a net 3.635 million jobs. Applying the same rules to Romney’s numbers through the same time period — that is, through April of his fourth year in office, 2006 — we credit Romney with 64,500 jobs. So he grew jobs by 1.9 percent. Obama’s job-growth rate is 2.35 percent.

* A nice Andrew Sullivan take on the case Obama should make for reelection, and how he can center it on a positive vision of the future.

* And today’s roundup is shorter than usual for various boring reasons, so please consider this an open thread.

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