* Reuters poll: Obama leads Mitt Romney by six points, 49-43, amid a (very) slight improvement in the right track/wrong track number.

But: Pollster.com’s average has Obama only leading by a razor thin 1.4 points.

* Lindsey Graham, in what he thinks is a defense of Mitt Romney, unwittingly gets it exactly right: “it’s really American to avoid paying taxes, legally.”

* Romney attacks Obama’s plan for raising taxes on “job creators, ”inspiring the chart of the day, from Jonathan Capehart, which perfectly demonstrates how few “job creators” would see their taxes go up.

How many stories on Romney’s attack will tell readers that the plan raises taxes on two percent of taxpayers, and that they, too, would see the lower rates on their income up to $250,000?

* Relatedly, who says Obama wouldn’t raise taxes on small businesses? His plan would hike taxes on well over three percent of them.

* Brutal: Jonathan Chait’s takedown of Michael Gerson and myriad falsehoods about Obama’s economic plans.

* Alex Roarty on Obama’s aggressive use of the presidency to drive the campaign narrative onto whatever favorable turf he can find.

* TPM unearthes two SEC documents, in 2000 and 2001, on which Romney is described as “Managing Director of Bain Capital,” which could complicate his claim that he left in 1999.

* Eric Holder likens the Texas voter I.D. law to “poll taxes,” which should only endear him further to the right.

* Ed Kilgore suggests a way that Holder could launch a high profile drive to draw attention to the phoniness of the “voter fraud” claims, since Republicans have already turned him into their leading villain anyway.

* Romney on Obama’s “outsourcer in chief” attack: I’m rubber, you’re glue.

* And apologies for the shorter-than-usual roundup; please consider this an open thread. What else?