Only a few links tonight, because I have stuff to do.

* Must read from Alec MacGillis on the Romney “didn’t build that” lie and what that tells us about the victory of cynicism over truth. Key point:

I’m genuinely perplexed that people who work with words for a living can be so blithe about the deliberate misuse of words to mislead. What are we in this business for if not to hold the people we cover to basic standards of context, rather than just scoring the marks left by the mistruths?

* Jonathan Cohn on how the “didn’t build that” controversy reveals how unmoored Romney and Republicans have come from widespread consensus among economists.

* Important stuff from Jonathan Capehart on a new RNC attack ad that Dems ignore at their peril: It tells voters that Obama “tried,” but “it’s okay to make a change.” Take note.

* Kevin Drum digs through Romney’s foreign policy speech and finds a lot of tough talk but precious little that he’d actually do differently from Obama.

* Sam Stein unearths Romney quotes from 2009 showing that he didn’t always think questions about people’s taxes were a distraction. Of course, he was talking about someone else’s taxes at the time.

* Sean Trend warns Romney that he needs to reveal to independents who he is, and that saying “fire the guy in charge” isn’t enough. (Note Trende’s counterintuitive question: Why isn’t Romney moving up?)

* But Ed Kilgore points out that this would force Romney to, you know, reveal to independents who he actually is.

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