* The advance excerpts to Mitt Romney’s speech are now available right here. One key nugget:

President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. MY promise...is to help you and your family.

This suggests the speech will play heavily on the idea that you should feel okay about voting Obama out of office because he failed to meet expectations that he himself inflated. You don’t need a glorious world historical transformative moment; you need the concrete change I can deliver.

* Okay, so now Paul Ryan, in defending his remarks about the GM plant, is directly tying the Obama economy to the plant remaining closed:

“I’m not saying it was his decision,” Ryan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “I’m saying he came and made these promises, makes these commitments, sells people on the notion that he’s going to do all these great achievements, and then none of them occur. These are empty promises that become broken promises and that’s the story of the Obama economy.”

But as the Janesville business leader and supporter of Ryan I spoke to today confirmed, it’s not clear that the plant would have opened again if the recovery had been more robust.

* Ed Kilgore has some key advice for Dems as to the big picture themes they should strike at their convention — and the rabbit holes they should avoid.

* Good stuff from Sam Stein and Arthur Delany: Out of a dozen recipients of stimulus money in the area of the GOP convention, guess how many knew they had received stimulus funds? Only one.

* Jonathan Cohn offers a friendly reminder: The story of what happened to the auto industry is a great one for Obama and his campaign to keep telling.

* The Associated Press puts it in the headline and the lede:

FACT CHECK: Ryan ignores parts of his own record

The Republican National Convention is drawing to a close with some factually slippery statements from its presidential ticket.

* Rick Hasen’s analysis of the Texas federal court decision striking down a voter ID law.

* E.J. Dionne: the throwaway lines at the end of Ryan’s speech about our duty to take care of “those who not defend or care for themselves” would be nice if his budget didn’t gut our ability to do that.

* Ryan’s citation of the downgrade of our credit rating might have ben more convincing if he hadn’t participated directly in the behavior that S &P blamed for that downgrade.

* And seriously: Republicans worried that a planned hologram of Ronald Reagan outside the convention hall would upstage Romney’s speech.

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