The president is in Kabul, and will address the nation at 7:30 EDT.

In other news:

1. Today’s must read is Spencer Ackerman: the “U.S. Has No Idea Whether al-Qaida is Beat.” And why that matters.

2. Jonathan Chait is very good on the policy differences between Republicans and Democrats over searching for bin Laden. He’s right: since the Clinton administration, Republican policy makers have generally believed that nations, and not terrorist organizations, were the real threat, and therefore finding bin Laden just wasn’t very important. Really happened, folks.

3. Terrific essay by Paul Waldman on equality of opportunity, and what the Tagg Romney story tells us about it.

4. Is Dick Lugar already toast? Via Political Wire.

5. And if he is, Nate Silver  would move Indiana’s Senate seat from a solid Republican state to a marginal one.

6. Mitt Romney (apparently) caves to bigots and drops an openly gay spokesman. Romney-watcher David S. Bernstein is not exactly surprised.

7. Obama campaign’s Stephanie Cutter (@stefcutter) zings: “How can voters trust Romney to stand up to the Soviets & Czechoslovakia if he's folding to rt wing on hiring gay staff?

8. Good analysis from Jamelle Bouie on that Barack Obama “Swiss Bank Account” attack ad.

9. Sahil Kapur on why “repeal and replace” has proved to be so hard for Republicans: “To date, “Obamacare” remains the most comprehensive free-market approach to tackling the free-rider problem while giving Americans a financial stake in their health care.” Well, that, and that they’re really not very interested in the issue to begin with.  

10. From CBPP: an update, in map form, of how the states are doing at implementing the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

11. And Sarah Kliff looks at a new development in health care: comparative shopping. Message: health care is changing, regardless of what happens to the ACA.

12. Will Gary Johnson managed to make marijuana in issue in the presidential race by focusing his Libertarian campaign on ending the war on drugs? Conor Friedersdorf thinks it’s possible.

13. And Kevin Drum has a very nice point about the implications of a very large nation and lots of people looking for something to write about.