* It isn’t every day that a senior lawmaker agressively criticizes a major news organization on the Senate floor, but today Dick Durbin really went after the Wall Street Journal editorial page with a sledge-hammer, accusing it of inventing a “fact-free twilight zone.” It’s long, but worth a watch.

* Interesting piece from Jonathan Cohn making the case that the “Nancy Pelosi Democrats” are the ones who are really serious about the deficit.

* House Republicans are treading with great care on their move to roll back Wall Street reform, which had broad public support in polls, and are only targeting select pieces of the legislation.

* Barney Frank’s rejoinder: “They don’t want to take it on. It’s too popular.”

* GOP Wisconsin state senator Randy Hopper is now recruiting national-level campaign talent to fight back against the Dems’ recall drive, yet another sign that he may be in real trouble.

* House Republicans pass thir measure to defund NPR, with all Dems voting against.

* But Dem Rep. Jim Moran wants to know why the House isn’t targeting federal funding for advertising on Fox.

* Reality check of the day: Brian Beutler on how Republicans are rolling Dems in the budget wars by aiming for extremely deep cuts and then “scaling back” to just very deep ones.

* Joe Biden gets involved in the gun control discussions, signaling the White House may be serious about making something happen.

* Breaking: The latest James O’Keefe sting video turns up secret new info about George Soros and NPR that has long been publicly known.

* Benjy Sarlin has more on O’Keefe’s amazing scoop.

* Jason Linkins on how Jim DeMint’s agile flip-flopping on Romneycare has outdone even Mitt Romney himself. Now that’s an honor!

* Matt Duss says he can’t find any evidence to support the claim, widely made on the right, that crowds of Palestinians celebrated the horrific murders of five Jewish settlers.

* And guess who said this: “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!”

If you guessed Ronald Reagan, you’re absolutely right.

What else is happening?