* It’s on: Officials reject challenges to the signatures to recall Wisconsin GOPers, and at least three recall elections will take place.

* No one will care, but the Rove-founded Crossroads GPS gets called out for “pants on fire” lying in its ad claiming “unions don’t have to comply with Obamacare.”

Friendly reminder: Crossroads ads during the 2010 cycle were also widely debunked as misleading and riddled with distortions.

* As Rachel Weiner notes, Dems may be on their way to scoring an upset tomorrow in NY-26 simply because they fielded a better candidate, which might also be a good lesson to draw from a victory.

* The Dem firm Public Policy Polling has the Democratic candidate up by six as NY-26 comes down to the wire.

* Not sure why this isn’t a bigger deal: Benjamin Netanyahu issued a joint statement with Hillary Clinton last November in which they said they’d discussed precisely the same lines-and-swaps proposal that Obama announced at his speech. No controversy at the time.

* As Ben Smith notes, the fact that T-Paw is touting travel abroad as international experience doesn’t exactly speak highly of the GOP field’s foreign policy expertise.

* Uh oh. The right isn’t too happy with Senator Scott Brown’s newfound oppostion to the Paul Ryan plan, if this from Jennifer Rubin is any indication:

Maybe a primary challenge would sharpen Brown’s thinking on the subject.

Maybe it would!

* Harry Reid hammers away at Scott Brown’s Medicare flip flop, and Dems are confident they have major momentum on the issue.

* But as Digby keeps reminding us, Dems could easily lose their advantage if they help Republicans take the issue off the table.

* Fact check of the day: The Associated Press pokes a bunch of holes in T-Paw’s announcement speech.

* And Jonathan Cohn’s interesting theory on why Mitt Romney might not lose despite embracing the individual mandate: Mitt’s Romneycare problem is priced into his stock.

What else is happening?