* Whiffing in Wisconsin: As the deadline passes, GOP organizers come up short in the quest to present signatures to trigger recall elections against two more Dem state senators.

Currently, officials are reviewing signatures calling for recalls against five Republicans and three Dems.

* A town hall meeting presided over by GOP Rep. Dan Webster of Florida descends into bedlam over Ryan’s Medicare proposals, suggesting it might be premature to write off public outrage over Medicare.

* The Ryan budget is already central to the first House race of 2011, the battle to replace GOP Rep. Chris Lee, who resigned after those sexy photos came to light.

* And GOP ads pushing back in the budget wars don’t even mention or defend the Ryan proposal.

* Coinage of the day: Today the labor-backed Americans United for Change blasted Ryan’s Medicare proposal as “Coupon Care.”

Turns out the credit for this one goes to Dem Rep. Xavier Becerra.

* Dahlia Lithwick on why even gay rights groups should want DOMA to get a vigorous defense in court, and shouldn’t celebrate their role in preventing it from happening.

* Jonathan Capehart gets this right: King and Spalding should never have taken the case in the first place.

* Good line from John Aravosis on right wing anger over the pressure campaign from gay groups: “How dare we be intolerant of their intolerance?”

* Not letting up: House Dems are now demanding a full review of the new contract House GOPers have awarded Paul Clement’s new firm to defend DOMA.

* Ben Smith casts doubt on a key White House talking point: That reducing oil industry subsidies will translate into less pain at the pump.

* Stephen Stromberg says the White House’s emerging talking points on gas prices undermine Obama’s own case for spending taxpayer money to root out fraud and price ma­nipu­la­tion in oil and gas markets.

* And why are reporters asking the White House to respond to Donald Trump’s birther nonsense? The man isn’t even a candidate. This is just insane.

What else is happening?