* Meet Tammy Baldwin, the very liberal, openly gay House member who is likely to launch a bid for Senate in Wisconsin.

* Steve Benen does a nice job knocking down the deeply flawed “government must tighten its belt because families do” analogy, noting that families take on debt all the time to “invest in themselves.”

* Atrios is right about whose really to blame here: The media is “covering the deficit in large part because both major political parties are mostly talking about the deficit.” Dems included.

* Everybody has already linked this, but be sure not to miss the florid attack on the media “literati” and “sheep” from Newt Gingrich’s spokesman, which Michael Calderone likens to “a Medieval prologue of a valiant knight heading off to battle.”

* Ben Smith explains why this attack is particularly puzzling: “Gingrich’s criticism of Paul Ryan drew the sharpest criticism not from the liberal media but from the core of his own conservative movement.” Yup.

* Nice find by David Dayen: Newt went nuts when Dems quoted him accurately on Medicare in 1996, too.

* We sure this is a good idea? After last Sunday’s disaster, Gingrich is mulling another appearance on the Sunday shows.

* Good point from First Read: What’s striking is the almost total lack of good will towards Newt within the conservative movement.

* Which supports Steve Kornacki’s point that Republicans are using the Ryan gaffe as an excuse to say what they wanted to say anyway: Newt should take a hike simply because he’s hopeless.

* As Taegan Goddard notes, with Huckabee and Trump out, Mitt Romney has emerged as the clear 2012 GOP frontrunner and the one who polls best against Obama.

* Torture related Tweet of the day, from Meghan McCain:

Rick Santorum telling my father doesn’t know about torture is like Carrot Top telling Lebron James he doesn’t know about basketball.

* And nice try, but no: Santorum is now trying to clean up his mess by claiming he never disrespected McCain’s service, but that’s not at all what was problematic about his original comments.

What else is happening?