* This one isn’t going away: Senator Orrin Hatch falsely asserts that Obama called for a “return to the pre-1967 borders,” and he’s planning to introduce a resolution condemning the President next week.

* Officials dismiss challenges to the recall elections of three Wisconsin Republicans, and the recall drive marches on.

* Eric Cantor hits back at Nancy Pelosi for taking Medicare benefits cuts off the table, claiming it shows Dems have no plan to save Medicare.

* Labor’s threats to remain independent of the national Democratic Party tend to fizzle, but there really are good reasons for labor to shift resources into state level battles.

* AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka’s speech on this today could mark one of the most important shifts in recent labor history.

* The inability (or unwillingness) of Dems to do anything significant for labor is particularly galling given the size of the majorities they had.

* A useful rundown of all the positions the 2012 GOP hopefuls have taken on the Paul Ryan Medicare plan.

* John Aravosis on a new pressure campaign to get the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and corporations on its board to stop supporting an onerous state bill that would rescind civil rights protections for gays and lesbians.

* Matt Duss on who’s really to blame for the firestorm over Obama’s Israeli-Palestinian peace framework:

Treating the 1967 lines as a basis for negotiations in this way represents the overwhelming consensus of the international community, enshrined in multiple UN resolutions. That anyone should be confused or surprised about this probably goes to the success that Israeli leaders have had over the years in obscuring it, and the indulgence that American leaders have often shown towards those efforts.

* Massimo Calabresi on how the epic right wing freakout over Obama’s speech makes progress in the Mideast less likely.

* And there was no epic right wing freakout when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009 said exactly what Obama said yesterday.

* Headline of the day, from Andrew Sullivan: “Romney: More pro-Israel than Abe Foxman.”

* Jon Chait translates Paul Ryan’s latest defense of Ryancare:

The argument is that, if there was a fiscal crisis, it would entail huge and immediate cuts to programs that aid the poor. Therefore we must enact huge, immediate cuts in programs that aid the poor.

* The new Mitt Romney? Jon Huntsman advisers swear up and down that he never whispered a word of support for any individual mandate as governor of Utah, though others say otherwise.

* Newt’s cell ringtone is ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

* And renowned Middle East expert Michele Bachmann is pumping robocalls attacking Obama’s Arab Spring speech into Iowa and South Carolina. Michele Bachmann 2012!

What else is happening?

UPDATE: Jeffrey Goldberg, who’s been doing a great job knocking down the right’s falsehoods about Obama’s speech, digs up two gems.

First, Ehud Olmert “throwing Israel under the bus” (not). And second, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying exactly what Obama said yesterday, with no epic freakout.